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The Region

Situated in the heart of south-west France, the Midi-Pyrénées stretches from the wooded hills of the Dordogne to the river valleys of the Pyrénées. It is one of the largest regions in France, with ancient towns, villages, castles, Romanesque churches and a very deep history. If you’re in search of small medieval villages, rolling hills and wonderful landscapes in the mountains, this is the perfect place for you! Nature lovers will be impressed by the region’s unique valleys, incredible forests and lakes and Aveyron is a confirmed haven for anglers, it's great for cycling (and motorcycling), walking and boating too.

Caves at Foissac

Cloisters at Conques


Toulouse is France's fourth largest town and the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées, or "pink city" as it is also called and boasts an incredible architectural wealth which bears witness to its long history. During the Renaissance period, Toulouse made its fortune thanks to the Woad trade in particular. Colossal fortunes were made at the time, as illustrated by the sumptuous town houses that still stand today (don't miss the "Maison d'Assézat", which houses the Bemberg foundation and its collection of paintings).

Pont Valentre

The River Lot

The Cathedral of 
St-Gervais at Lectoure

If you prefer to travel by boat, the Lot river is one of the prettiest in France. Winding through the old province of Gascony (dubbed French Tuscany), its glassy waters carve a path through limestone cliffs, dotted with the occasional château or village nestling precariously on an overhanging crag. The dramatic beauty of the Pyrénées peaks are home to around 35 ski resorts. 

The Midi Pyrenees is a very rich area, culturally and historically: typical 19th century castles and museums, as well as enchanting palaces and amazing cathedrals, so many special places you're sure to remember. 

It is a very rural region, producing a large range of crops, maize, tobacco, soya, sunflowers, tobacco, wheat, tomatoes, beans, kiwis, melons, strawberries, apples, pears, plums and peaches. Midi-Pyrénées is very famous for its gastronomy, whether in a Château or in a local restaurant, you will taste excellent foie gras, cassoulet, Roquefort and drink excellent local wines. 

The Midi Pyrenees Region has an unquestionable landscape diversity, a very good asset for tourism, especially in areas where the natural beauty of the relief and the unique historical heritage become rivals. If you want to find out  more about the area before your holiday, we recommend you look at the Aveyron Tourism website.

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